Frank Lampard Admits Chelsea Players May Have Motivation Issues as Lockdown Continues

Chelsea head coach ​Frank Lampard has admitted that it is difficult to motivate his players due to the uncertainty created by coronavirus.

The Premier League has been suspended until 30 April at the very earliest, with no concrete decision made on how and when the season will be concluded.

With the country on lockdown as instructed by the government, the Chelsea squad are training individually at home, but Lampard says it is difficult to stay focussed due to the circumstances.

Frank Lampard,Mason Mount

Speaking to Chelsea’s ​’The 5th Stand’ official club app, Lampard said: “It is very difficult at the moment because we have got nothing concrete in front of us.

“We have seen that things can change very quickly, so we can only go by the dates we have been given but daily or probably weekly we are looking at it, saying: ‘well, how do we train? What does it look like?

“The last thing I want to do when the players are in this position is to try and push and push and push [them] for no reason.”


Chelsea were the first ​Premier League squad to go into isolation following ​Callum Hudson-Odoi’s coronavirus diagnosis. 

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The winger has since made a full recovery, and Lampard went on to emphasise that the coronavirus pandemic is bigger than football or the club.

“Motivation can be slightly put to the side,” Lampard added.

“I think the motivation at the moment for everyone is how their families are, how their relatives are, how we all see the outside world, and sometimes the realisation probably that there are things which are a lot more important than football.

“However much we love ​Chelsea and are fortunate to do our jobs, this has certainly hit home for that. For me, my message to the players has always been look after your family at this time.

“I’ve just let them know that I am there for them individually because these are tough times whether it’s emotionally, physically everything we have to be there for the players.”